Maisie Paradise Shearring is an international award winning and published illustrator. In 2015, Maisie received the Bologna International Illustrators Award in recognition for her graphic novel, Susan's School Days

‘We found in this illustrator all of the characteristics that, in our opinion, are necessary for the art of illustration: a balance of colour, the capacity to create credible living characters; narrative strength, thanks to which each image is a fragment of an evolving story with a 'before' and an 'after'; the depth of the illustration, a sign that goes beyond the superficial and transcends the mere act of drawing. We were unanimous in our selection due to this illustrator's subtle sense of humour in the works on display, mixing nostalgia with a feel for the poetic.’ Bologna Children’s Book Fair Award Statement

Maisie’s first picturebook, The Happy Prince was nominated for the 2017 Bratislava Biennial of Illustration.

Maisie has a broad portfolio of work and she is currently working on her second picturebook as both author and illustrator with Two Hoots.

Maisie is also a lecturer on the MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.