About Orange Beak Studio

Orange Beak Studio was founded in 2017. We are award-winning illustrators, designers and picturebook makers who offer one-to-one tutorials, mentoring, portfolio surgeries and varied workshops. The founding members are Pam Smy, Ness Wood and Maisie Paradise Shearring.

We started Orange Beak Studio through a desire to work closely with illustrators using our knowledge and experience. We have varied and complementary skills and are all practising specialists in our fields, with teaching experience at post graduate level.

We work with clients from all stages in their development, from beginners to students to graduates to established illustrators. Our working ethos is to support and enable creatively ambitious clients to move forward with their goals. We give people time, honest and constructive feedback, and guidance.

After each tutorial we provide written feedback so there is a record of what was discussed and targets for moving forward.

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Please feel free to email us with any questions.