Tutorial and Workshop Feedback

‘Thank you. A real privilege - loved it!’
‘the tutors were knowledgable, warm, approachable, informative, inspiring and have made me even more determined’
‘I feel I‘ve learnt golden nuggets that I never learnt at art school. I never had this much guidance at art school, and this was just three days!’
‘I really liked how honest and firm but encouraging and clear the tutorials were’
‘this course gave me the kick up the bum i needed’
‘Orange Beak was life changing’
‘everything felt tailor made for our individual needs’ Ali Roberts, Illustrator
‘My session with Orange Beak came at a time when I had reached a bit of a stale mate with my work.  Having finished my MA and finally secured an agent I found myself incapable of doing any drawing! Until I sat down with Maisie Paradise Shearring who gave me a 50 minute in depth appraisal of my work and my working methods. It was so useful to have the time to really talk through my ideas and she offered solid criticism and encouragement in equal measure. I then received in depth written notes covering all aspects of our discussion that very same afternoon. I have been able to refer back to these over the past weeks and feel like I have a plan again. Needless to say I have booked for six more sessions.  Thank you so much Orange Beak.’ Lucy Morris, Illustrator
‘I am so happy I have had some constructive advice‘ Karen Crosbie, Illustrator
‘I really appreciated getting feedback on my work and motives. It is helpful to growth to have constructive feedback and have someone push you further then you are able to see at the time.’ Bethany Kaiser, Illustrator